Powering Life with the Sun

Rebates and Tax Incentives

Federal tax incentives can cover up to 30% of the system cost.

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Solar System major components come with 10-25 year warranties and require very little maintenance. In addition, solar panels come with 25-30 year output performance guarantees!


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Many solar systems offer a return comparable or better to that of traditional investments, but with less risk. 

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Grid-Tied Solar

One of the most common and simplest solar types. Maintains your existing connection to the grid while reducing or eliminating monthly electric bills.

Solar + Battery Backup

Similar to a grid-tied system, but with an integrated hybrid inverter battery system to allow your home or business to operate those critical loads even when the grid is down! 

Off-Grid Solar

Cabin in the woods? New home with difficult access to the grid? Fischer Solar also offers systems that can power a home completely off the grid. 

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