Powering Life with the Sun

We build Solar tailored for you
Whether you are a homeowner looking to slash your electric bill, a business looking to cut and control costs with smart investments, or just looking for something silent and reliable to power that cabin in the woods, we can help!
Why Solar?
Solar is a practically limitless source of clean energy. Today's technology has allowed us to harness this resource in a not only practical and reliable manner, but also now in a cost effective manner. Solar systems can offer not only freedom from high energy bills, energy security, and a way to reduce your carbon footprint, but can also offer a relatively safe financial return rivaling that of many traditional investments. 
How does it work?
Solar cells convert sunlight directly into DC (Direct Current) electricity. While each cell may generate only a few watts of power, when combined in a solar panel, these cells combine to generate substantial amounts of electricity. That energy is then used to either connect to the existing power grid through a power conversion device known as an inverter, or in the case of an off-grid solar system, can be used to charge a battery bank. 
About Us
Professionally licensed and insured, we have been in business since 2013. Fischer Solar LLC offers design, installation, inspection, diagnostic, and service work for all common types of residential and commercial solar systems. Selecting Fischer Solar LLC will ensure your system is installed and set up professionally with premium equipment and as always - at the best value and highest level of service in the region.